2016 [Films en cours]

The 8th edition of the [Films en cours] post production support.
5 international feature films that are towards the end of the editing process are selected and examined by a jury who will award one of them with the complete post-production services offered by Entrevues and its partners.
The films are presented during the festival in screenings reserved for industry professionals (distributors and programmers).

2016 winner

Maryam Goormaghtigh
Documentary / 80 min. / 4A4 productions and Intermezzo Films
// L'Acid in Cannes 2017 // International Film Festival of Karlovy Vary // La Rochelle Film Festival // Viennale // Nouveaux cinémas Montréal...
Release in France on July the 12th 2017 // Distributor : Shellac
After spending five years as a student in Paris, Arash, having not become accustomed to life in France, has decided to return to Iran. With the secret hope of changing his mind, his two friends Hossein and Nima convince him to go with them on a last trip through France. From the North to the South, encounters, conversations, and moments of flirtation succeed one another, offering everyone the opportunity to take stock of the situation.
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2016 candidates

Guillaume Massart
Documentary / about 150 min. / France / Triptyque films and Films de Force majeure
// International Compétition Entrevues 2017 //
About 130 men, mainly condemned for intra-familial sexual abuse, are incarcerated in the Casabianda Detention Center in Corsica. They are spending the last years of their long sentences working on the 1500 hectares of seaside fields, in France’s only ‘open’ prison. Faced with the young man with the movie camera, a few of them decide to break the fourth wall.

STRANGE BUT TRUE (Extraño pero verdadero)
Michel Lipkes
Fiction / 97 min. / Mexico / Películas Extrañas and Axolote Cine
//Rotterdam International Film Festival, Bright Future section // Ficunam (Mexico) // Nouveaux cinémas de Montréal...
A waste truck roams the streets of Mexico. Aboard are four individuals: the ‘Maestro’, the sinister and brutal team leader, an old mute man, and two kids, Jonathan and Yesi, who do everything in their power to conceal their love story from their boss. Everyday, they clean the city’s streets together. Until the day they come across a cadaver…


Silvina Schincer, Ulises Porra Guardiola
Fiction / 91 min. / Argentina, France / Pucara Cine S.R.L and Films de Force Majeure
// Toronto (Discovery) // San Sebastian (New directors)
Rina, a 65-year-old bourgeois woman, returns to her country house on the Tigre Delta, after fifteen years of absence. In the middle of the island’s jungle, humidity, and children, women and men of all generations are brought face to face.

Bojena Horackova
Fiction / 95 min. / France, Lituania / Sedna films and Tremora
Film near completion
After twenty-five years of exile in Paris, Jana returns to Vilnius. She wants to find the lake that Paulius, her first love, used to call ‘Walden’. An elegiac chronicle of Lithuanian youth before the fall of the Communist bloc. Between puppy love and black markets, dreams of freedom seem embodied by the West.

2016 jury

Arnaud Chelet, co-manager of Ike No Koi
Anne Delseth, programmer (Cannes' Director's Fortnight, ZIFF, NIFF, CityClubPully)
Pierre Huot, post-production manager
Nicolas Naegelen, manager of Polyson
Philippe Perrot, manager of Cosmodigital
Julien Samani, filmmaker
Fabián Teruggi, development manager of CinévidéoCim