Awards and jurys 2010


Lucile Chaufour
Pierre Chosson
Antony Cordier
Nicole Hess
Nicolas Mey
Nuno Sena
Sabrina Seyvecou
Parain One+One : Joseph d’Anvers


Grand prix Best Narrative Feature Film : 

Tilva Rosh, Nikola Lezaic (Serbie, 102 mn)

Grand prix Best Documentary Feature Film:

Let Each One Go Where He May, Ben Russell (Etats-Unis, 135 mn)

French Film Award :

Kurdish Lover, Clarisse Hahn (France, 98 mn)

Grand prix Best Narrative Short Film :

Des Rêves pour l'hiver, Antoine Parouty (France, 59 mn)

Grand prix Best Documentary Short Film :

Snack-bar Aquário, Sergio Da Costa (Suisse, 37 mn)

Janine Bazin Award:

Claire Slome in The Myth of the American Sleepover, David Robert Mitchell (États-Unis, 97 mn)

One+One Award:

Too Much Pussy ! Feminists Sluts In The Queer X Show, Emilie Jouvet (France - Allemagne, 98 mn)

RED Award :

Let Each One Go Where He May, Ben Russell (Etats-Unis, 135 mn)

Film en cours Award:

La Retraitée, Jairo Boisier 

Audience Narrative Feature Film Award : 

Tilva Rosh, Nikola Lezaic (Serbie, 102 mn)

Audience Narrative Short Film Award : 

Diane Wellington, Arnaud des Pallières (France, 16 mn)

Audience Documentary Film Award :

Kurdish Lover, Clarisse Hahn (France, 98 mn)


  • Good news! Two feature films selected for our last [Films en cours] Post-production support edition are selected in Cannes 2018!
    Stand up love (L'Amour debout) by Michaël Dacheux is presented in the ACID's selection and The Load (Teret) by Ognjen Glavonic is selected at the Director's Fortnight. Congratulation!

  • Entrevues 33th edition will take place November 17-25, 2018.

    Submissions for the International competition (1st, 2d and 3rd films) is open until August 31 on our website. No fees requested.

    The post-production support [Films en cours] submissions will open beginning September 2018, the advanced roughcuts can be sent until October 12, 2018.

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