Festival Rules


The 2016 international film competition is open to:

  • Short and feature length films, fiction, essay, animation, or documentary films of any genre
  • Films completed within twelve months prior to the starting date of the festival and having not been publicly screened before January 2016

The feature film category is open to:

  • A director’s first, second, or third film lasting longer than 60 minutes
  • Films that have not been released commercially in France (theatrical release, DVD release, television or internet broadcast)

The short and medium-length film category is open to:

  • A director’s first, second, or third film lasting less than 60 minutes
  • Films produced for television (shows, television magazines, news coverage) are not eligible

First, second, and third films: how to count
The filmmaker must have directed three films or less (features or shorts) of any genre, taking into account that:

  • Film-school productions or self-produced films are only to be included in the director’s filmography if they have been commercially released or screened in festivals.
  • Works made for television (shows, television magazines, news coverage) do not count.
  • All co-directed films must be included.


Submissions must be made online via the website, at www.festival-entrevues.com, before 31 août 2016.
The selection committee will pre-screen the films on DVD. Please indicate clearly whether the submitted screener is the final version or a work in progress.
If your film is in a language other than French or English, the DVD screener must be provided with French or English subtitles.
DVD screeners must be postmarked before 9 September 2016 and sent to:
Festival international du film EntreVues Belfort
Cécile Cadoux
78 rue Orfila
75020 Paris
State the following on the envelope or package:
“No commercial value, for cultural purposes only”

Films sent without prior submission via the website will not be considered.


Screening copies of the selected films must arrive in Belfort by Monday 14 November.
The cost of film copy shipment will be assumed by the participants.
The festival will be in charge of the return shipments of the films.


Screening copies - technical details:
Selected films will be screened in DCP or 35 mm. When projecting in DCP, a back-up Blu-ray copy must be provided.
Productions must ensure the quality (resolution, definition) of their film, as well as its compatibility with Doremi and GDC servers used for the festival screenings. Please respect the following standards: Interop or SMPTE, 24 or 25 ips, 2K, 4K, all of which according to DCI standards. 25 ips DCP SMPTE copies must have the subtitles embedded in the image.

The name of the file should conform to DCP standards (cf http://digitalcinemanamingconvention.com).

Because last minute changes of cinema rooms are possible, we recommend productions to send us NON-ENCRYPTED DCP files, or encrypted DCP files provided with a generated DKDM (Distribution Key Delivery Message) for all the cinema rooms and for the entire duration of the festival.


French-speaking films must be presented in original version with English subtitles.
English-speaking films must be presented in original version with French subtitles. The festival will be in charge of preparing electronic French subtitling for films that do not have French production or distribution.
Non English and non French speaking films must have subtitles in at least one of those two languages.
In case the festival provides electronic subtitling, the right owners commit to providing requested material (dialogue list, already existing subtitles, and screening copy of the film) to our lab within the given deadlines.


Promotional material:
In the event of selection, promotional material relating to the film – High-Definition photographs of the film and the director, trailers and additional DVD copies – should be sent to the festival organizers as quickly as possible.

Short excerpts (lasting less than three minutes) may be used to promote the festival and its competition films.


The jury and the audience award the following prizes:
Grand Prix Janine Bazin for Best Feature Film 8,000 Euros to the director
Ciné + Distribution Support Award 15,000 Euros (purchase of rights) to the French distributor of the film
Grand Prix for Best Short Film 3,500 Euros to the director
Audience Award for a Feature film 3,000 Euros to the director
Audience Award for a Sort Film 1,700 Euros to the director
Camira Award : publication of an essay and interview of the director in the journal General Intellect
Some of the selected films will also be competing for the One + One Award (awarded to a film for its “sense of musicality”) 2,500 Euros to the director


Selected films are required to signal their selection by including the logo provided by the festival in the film credits and on all of the film’s communication media.
Awarded films must signal their awards by including the logo provided by the festival, which should appear separately in the opening or closing credits and on all of the film’s communication and screening media.


The artistic directors of the festival may decide to preview one or several selected films in the Franche-Comté region.
Prize-winning films may be screened as reruns in Paris or in the Franche-Comté region.


Film copies are insured by the festival from the date of their arrival in Belfort until their return. In the event of an accident, the liability of the festival will be limited to the cost of replacing the copy or the elements that have been damaged or lost.


The organization Cinémas d’aujourd’hui and the festival organizers will settle any cases not covered under these rules and regulations and may grant derogations to the aforementioned provisions.

Submission and participation in the festival imply full acceptance of the present rules and regulations.
For further information, please contact: Cécile CADOUX - cc@festival-entrevues.com - 00 33 1 43 15 80 07


Click here to download the festival rules.


  • Submissions online for the International Competition (1st, 2d and 3rd film) will open from May 9th to August 31st.

    Submissions online for the Post-production Support [Films en cours] will open from September 1st to October 15th. The advanced roughcuts can be send until October 15th.

    The 32th edition of Entrevues will take place from November 25th to December 3rd 2017.

  • We are proud to announce the laureates of the 31st edition awards !