International Competition : 2016 Feature Films

Quinzaine Claire

Waxing Moon

Adrien Genoudet

France / Cambodia

Quinzaine claire relates to the creative gesture of its main character, Phoussera Ing, also known as Séra. Born in Phnom Penh in 1961, Khmer on his father’s side, French on his mother’s side, this artist is in charge of the memorial of the fall of the capital into the hands of the Khmer Rouge on April 17th, 1975. With this film, Adrien Genoudet asks a wider question on the formalisation, in the present day, of this traumatic past. Just like Cambodian memory – sorrowful and problematic, and still in the making – the film is full of abnegations and integrates its own formal research; some sequences are torn apart, the film’s very directing is continuously thrown back into play, while a particular care is given to the arrangement of images, sounds, and voices. (Arnaud Hée)

Adrien Genoudet is a researcher in visual culture studies. He teaches film and visual arts at Sciences Po Paris and at the European School of Visual Arts.
Courts métrages
Mains libres² (2014), 1913 (1) et 1913 (2) (2015), À quatre mains (2016)
Longs métrages
Parler de la mort n'a jamais fait mourir (2014)

Adrien Genoudet, Eline Grignard
Emilien Awada
Vincent Villa
Margaux Serre
Adonis Liranza (Quilombo Films), Davy Chou (Anti-Archive)

World Premiere


Adrien Genoudet (Quilombo films)

2016 Competition