International Competition : Feature films 2017

Three Quarters

Ilian Metev

Bulgaria / Germany

Three Quarters depicts a Bulgarian family, a physics professor father and his two children, who are finding living together difficult with one figure missing – that of the mother. From this fundamental imbalance, Ilian Metev establishes the strange rhythm of his film, in which everyone seems to struggle to find their place. The father is somewhat absent, the big sister pianist is freaking out before a competition, and the little brother tries to run away. Through his elegant and sensitive direction, through a slight hovering of the camera, or a space often left empty within the frame, the film convokes the absentee, even giving her a central role. Each scene from daily life here offers much more than meets the eye. The camera’s revelation of subtle emotion is overwhelming. (Laurence Reymond)

Ilian Metev started as a violonist, then studied cinema at the NFTS in London. His first feature, Sofia’s Last Ambulance, was awarded in Critic's Week in Cannes. 3/4 won Pardo d'Oro-Filmmakers of the Present in Locarno.
SF : Goleshovo (2008)
FF : Sofia’s Last Ambulance (2012)

Mila Mikhova , Niki Mashalov , Todor Velchev
Betina Ip, Ilian Metev
Julian Atanassov
Tom Kirk
Art direction
Nikolay Hristov, Ivelina Mineva
Ilian Metev
Ingmar Trost (Sutor Kolonko), Ilian Metev (Chaconna Films)

Sata Cissoko (Memento films)


2017 Competition