Selection : International Feature Films 2018

The Kamagasaki Cauldron War

Tsukiyo no Kamagassen

Leo Sato


Kamagasaki is an "invisible" slum of Osaka that attracts day laborers and prostitutes since WW2. When the local gang has its treasured cauldron stolen, a war to find it begins involving the thugs, a 12 years old kid, a prostitute and a pickpocket, including the giant cauldron used to feed the destitute: The symbol of Kamagasaki.

This 16mm-film shot with vivid colours and contrasts is set in Kamagasaki, a neighbourhood in Osaka where workers with insecure jobs live. The setting gives the film an almost-documentary strength but the narrative elements are completely extraordinary and are developed around dazzling theft scenes committed by different inhabitants in different locations. They are all looking for an improbably precious object, the kama pot, a kind of cauldron that is the symbol of the local Yakuza clan and of the neighbourhood. This fiction, filmed with the real Kamagasaki inhabitants, is a constant cinematographic surprise thanks to its profuse shots and unexpected sequences, such as the stroll amongst the floating logs coming from the nearby factories. But what is most admirable about this film is the infinite tenderness the characters feel for each other - their indestructible treasure. (Charlotte Corchète)

Naori Ota , Yohta Kawase, Tumugi Monko, Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Kazu, Maki Nishiyama, Marie Decalco, Susumu Ogata, Masao Adachi
Leo Sato
Mizuho Otagiri
Naoki Eto
Yuzuru Inoue, Haruo Urata
Art direction
Risshi Nishimura
Leo Sato, Yoshiyuki Itakura
Committee for the Production of The Kamagasaki Cauldron War, Hiroshi Kajii

Terutarô Osanaï

Leo Sato learned cinema working with Makoto Sato, Grand Prix Best Documentary at Entrevues in 1993. In 2009, Leo made his first feature documentary Nagai Park Elegy, recording a group opposed to the eviction of homeless people. Made with donations The Kamagasaki Cauldron War took him five years to complete. LM/FF : Nagai Park Elegy (2009).


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