Selection : French Feature films 2018

My beautiful youth

Aliona Zagurovska


In Ukrainia, in a military psychiatric hospital, New Year 2018 is coming. While patients hope to leave the place, the outside world is bogged down in an absurd and alienated daily life: a world where the idea of war has become commonplace.

Wondering where to start as a young Ukrainian director aiming at filming her own country, Aliona Zagurovska decides to pick as an observation point a military psychiatric hospital where young men take a precarious shelter to avoid national service. This place, which looks more like a boarding school than a repressive institution, is a vital cog for those who long for free-thinking. The director manages to immerse herself in this world, becoming these mens' confidante, and paints the portrait of a youth getting ready for war. The outside scenes, which were shot during the Christmas celebrations, show the presence of the Army and the looming threat of war. (Laurence Reymond)

Aurore Toulon, Aliona Zagurovska
Flavia Cordey, Clémence Peloso
Laura Rius Aran
Baptiste Salvan, La Fémis

Géraldine Amgar, La Fémis

Born in Ukrainia, Aliona Zagurovska entered La Fémis, the French cinema public school, in 2014 where she directed Home, an award winning documentary at Entrevues and Trace, selected at FID Campus. My beautiful youth is her graduation film. CM/SF : Home (Entrevues 2016), Trace (2017).


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