Selection : International Feature Films 2018

To War

Francisco Marise

Spain / Argentina / Portugal / / Panama

To War explores a former Cuban soldier's memories and loneliness through the observation of his body and his (extra) ordinary gestures. To War is a war film without a single shot being fired, but with one wound, that of this special forces veteran searching for survivors among their former commando comrades, 30 years after their last mission in Angola.

With only a few shots of Andrés Rodríguez Rodríguez alone in the forest during his training, he instantly becomes a film character. The Cuban veteran who fought in Angola and Nicaragua has now become an old recluse. Through this singular portrait, the director goes over a life of fighting and solitude. This film deals more with the warrior than the war, exploring the way he was trained (through archive footage), his body, his memories. As Andrés attempts to find his former commando comrades, the film opens on the universal feeling of brotherhood between fighters. Through use of the documentary, experimental and fictional possibilities of cinema, Francisco Marise offers us an impressive first film. (Laurence Reymond)


Francisco Marise, Javier Rebollo
Francisco Marise
Patrick Ghislain, Álex F. Capilla, Luiz Lepchak
Francisco Marise, Javier Rebollo
Javier Rebollo, Francisco Marise

Amateur Cinéma, Francisco Marise

Francisco Marise, argentinian director, studied documentary filmmaking at the E.I.C.T.V, Cuba. He is an Image and Sound Designer in Argentina. He has worked as a stage manager of rock bands and as a minister's photographer. To War is his first film.


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