International Competition 2011

Feature Films

Alps, Yorgos Lanthimos (Grèce, 93 mn)
L’Anabase de May et Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi et 27 années sans images,  Éric Baudelaire (France, 66 mn)
Dernière Séance, Laurent Achard (France, 78 mn)
L’Estate di Giacomo, Alessandro Comodin (France – Italie – Belgique, 78 mn)
L’Hypothèse du Mokélé Mbembé, Marie Voignier (France, 78 mn)
Louise Wimmer, Cyril Mennegun (France, 80 mn)
Lung Neaw Visits His Neighbours, Rirkrit Tiravanija (Thaïlande – Mexique, 154 mn)
Nana, Valérie Massadian (France, 68 mn)
Ok, Enough, Goodbye, Rania Attieh et Daniel Garcia (Liban, 93 mn)
Sauna On Moon, Zou Peng (Chine, 93 mn)
Le Sommeil d’or, Davy Chou (France, 96 mn)
Teodora pécheresse, Anca Hirte (France, 86 mn)
The Color Wheel, Alex Ross Perry (États-Unis, 83 mn)
Utopians, Zbigniew Bzymek (Etats-Unis, 86 mn)

Short Films

Adak, Amandine Faynot (France, 23 mn)
A Recess And A Reconstruction, Louise Hervé et Chloé Maillet (France, 20 mn)
Bielutine - Dans le jardin du temps, Clément Cogitore (France – Allemagne, 36 mn)
Calida tarde de verano, Mateo Kesselman (Argentine, 13 mn)
Centre cuir, Martial Salomon (France, 32 mn)
Cunta su, Lucrezia Lippi (Suisse, 52 mn)
Drari, Kamal Lazraq (France, 41 mn)
Et Ils gravirent la montagne, Jean-Sébastien Chauvin (France, 34 mn)
I Know You Can Hear Me, Miguel Fonseca (Portugal, 4 mn)
Le Marin masqué, Sophie Letourneur (France, 36 mn)
Me llamo Peng, Jahel Jose Guerra Roa & Victoria Molina de Carran (Espagne, 29 mn)
Snow Canon, Mati Diop (France, 33 mn)
Strokkur, João Salaviza (Portugal, 7 mn)
Un Monde sans femmes, Guillaume Brac (France, 58 mn)
We’re Leaving, Zachary Treitz (Etats-Unis, 13 mn)

Special Screening

Palàcios de pena, Gabriel Abrantes et Daniel Schmidt (Portugal, 59 mn)


  • The French-Algerian director will be honoured during the 37e edition of Entrevues !

    > The first complete retrospective of the director, in his presence, cartes blanches screenings, panel discussions with his artistic collaborators and a preview screening of his new film Le Gang des Bois du Temple.


    The 2022 submissions will be open from September 1st to October 14th! 

  • The submissions to the International competition of Entrevues are now closed. 

    The selected short and feature films will be announced mid-October!

  • Discover more details and pictures of the new selection comitee and of the new team in charge of the retrospectives and thematic programming : the 2022 artistic team

  •  Towards a new programming dynamic…


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