Avant-premières 2016

Ado Arrietta


Ado Arrietta (born in Madrid, August 28, 1942) is a spanish filmmaker, considered as the pioneer of independent film both in Spain and France, due to the artisan quality and the unique spirit of freedom of his films.
His cinematic language is very poetic, apart from narrative conventions, which has made him  to be compared with the cinema of Jean Cocteau.
Having started as a painter, Arrieta began his filmmaking with the short films El crimen de la pirindola (1965) and Imitación del ángel (1966) both shot in Madrid, a milestone for independent cinema in Spain.
He moved to Paris in 1967 with Javier Grandes, a recurrent actor in most of his films, where he would live through the events of May 1968.
With Le château de Pointilly (1972), he would receive critical praise from Marguerite Duras. He won the Great Prize at the Toulon Film Festival with Les Intrigues de Sylvia Couski (1974), acclaimed by critics and considered as the first underground parisian film.
He would follow with Tam Tam (1976), the record of an uninterrupted party between New York, Paris and Spain; and Flammes (1978), a story about a sexual childhood fantasy turning into a real passion in the adulthood. In the following years he would make Grenouilles (1983), Merlín (1990) and Narciso (2004). His film Vacanza permanente (2006), was awarded at the Lucca International Film Festival, and meant for Arrieta a creative rebirth.
All his movies were showed in Entrevues - Belfort festival few years ago. His new film, Sleeping Beauty, premiere this year at Entrevues.