Groupe de musique

An excerpt from "Even you do not have the courage", one of the pieces of Juliette, 1st EP of Ferocious released in May 2016, illustrates the trailer of Entrevues this year.Sebastien Descamps (bass and keyboard) played in Stellardrive and Aside From a Day, François Schauber (drums) officiated in Traders and Jérôme Josselin (guitar) in Gantz, Hiro and You Witches. Each piece is a small narrative based on samples of classic films of French cinema. Nastassja Kinski, Anna Karina, Michel Piccoli and Jean-Hugues Anglade are all winks for the cinephile music lovers.


  • We are proud to announce the 12 feature films and 13 shorts & medium length films selected in the 2019 International Competition of Belfort.