Avant-premières 2016

Hamé et Ekoué


1994, Hamé, meets Ekoué Labitey on the university benches. Three years later, they start the rap band La Rumeur. Their rear base, the subversive Pigalle, 18th district of Paris. Their aim, reconnect to the anti-establishment roots of hip-hop and promote an independent perspective on their own musical technique. La Rumeur wins recognition as an important figure of the countercultural movement, marked and nourished by the French immigration history. Two years later, La Rumeur releases “L’ombre sur la Mesure”, classified in “Les 100 albums essentiels du Rap ». In 2007, Hamé went to New York to study at Tish School of the Arts.
He moves back to France, and shoot his first short film : “Ce chemin devant moi”. The movie deals with the parentage’s legitimacy in a context of postcolonial immigration. “Ce chemin devant moi” is officially selected at the 65th Cannes Film Festival.
The French channel Canal Plus cosigns the project of “De L’Encre”, a hip-hop musical movie in which they talk about integrity and temptation. After their production company’s creation, Hamé and Ekoué write, shoot and produce their first feature film, “Les derniers parisiens” which is premiere in Entrevues. This fall, La Rumeur will celebrate twenty years of activism.