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Emmanuel Mouret

Filmmaker / Actor

Emmanuel Mouret grew up in Marseille, then settled in Paris where he took drama classes and entrered the FEMIS (filmmaking department). His film Promène-toi donc tout nu !, which is his school work, released in cinemas in 1999.
He often plays the main role in his films: a candid and clumsy young man. He is, with Marie Gillain, the hero of his first feature, Laissons Lucie faire (2000). Mouret will have to wait four years before making his next film, Venus and Fleur, presented in Cannes as part of the Directors' Fortnight.
Also selected in the Director’s Fortnight, Changement d’adresse (2006, was a success and allowed Mouret to turned very quickly Un baiser s’il vous plait (2007), presented in a section to the Venice Film Festival.
In 2011, he shot a new comedy borrowing from the "choral film" : L'Art d'aimer. Two years later, Emmanuel Mouret directed Joey Starr in the dramatic romance Une autre vie. Caprice is his last film, played by Virginie Efira, Anaïs Demoustier and himself.


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