Melvil Poupaud, double Je

Melvil Poupaud


Melvil Poupaud (born 26 January 1973) is a French actor, author and filmmaker. Poupaud's first appearance was, as a child, in Raúl Ruiz's 1983 film City of Pirates. He acted in more than 10 films of Raoul Ruiz. He also appears in films such as Eric Rohmer's A Summer's Tale, Arnaud Desplechin's A Christmas Tale, and François Ozon's Time to Leave. He co-starred with Suzanne Clément in Xavier Dolan's Laurence Anyways. Having led a selective career, grown in a family having close links with the cinema world, he has been close to figures of the Parisian intelligentsia during the seventies and eighties, such as Serge Daney, Marguerite Duras or Jacques Lacan.