A certain genre

A Labarthe Fantasy

Genre films, experimental cinema, B movies… In cinema, the margins have always had a strong influence on the norm. "Un certain genre" pays homage to André S. Labarthe, a longtime friend of Janine Bazin and the Entrevues festival. A free-thinker, an inventor, a rare and flourishing mind, Labarthe created the essential documentary series Cinéastes de notre temps. The Labarthe Fantasy selection is composed of rare works, restored films, and some of his personal favourites such as The Idols by Marc'O (1968), but also with a recreation of Théma VAMPIRES, the program he hosted on Arte in 1993. A carte blanche has been given to the Granit, the national theater in Belfort, and its associated artist David Subal. (19 films + installation art at the Granit).


In collaboration with Jean-Marc Chapoulie.

Films in the Retrospective