• Samuel Fuller and Richard Gorrieri

    Samuel Fuller and Richard Gorrieri

  • Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

  • Claude Miller (jury)

    Claude Miller (jury)

  • Connie Templemann (jury)

    Connie Templemann (jury)

  • Françoise Lebrun (jury)

    Françoise Lebrun (jury)

  • Jacques Deniel (jury)

    Jacques Deniel (jury)

  • Jean-Claude Guiguet (jury)

    Jean-Claude Guiguet (jury)

  • Simon Simsi (jury)

    Simon Simsi (jury)

  • Alain Bergala (filmmaker)

    Alain Bergala (filmmaker)

  • Domonik Moll (filmmaker)

    Domonik Moll (filmmaker)

  • Yolande Zauberman (filmmaker)

    Yolande Zauberman (filmmaker)

In 1987, Samuel Fuller was at Belfort for the retrospective "Film the War".

In photos, the jury of the international competition was composed by: Jacques Deniel, Jean-Claude Guiguet, Françoise Lebrun, Claude Miller, Simon Simsi et Connie Templemann.

Alain Bergala was at Entrevues for his film Où que tu sois which was selected in the international competition and the Burkinabe filmmaker Idrissa Ouedraogo presented his first feature film Yam Daabo, whereas Dominik Moll and Yolande Zauberman were presented their first short films: La Gynécologue et sa secrétaire and Classified people (Audience award for the Best French Short Film).


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