Repeat of the winner's films of the Internationale Competition

This Monday, December 5 (7:30pm), Entrevues organises a repeat of the winners of the International Competition, in the presence of our artistic team at La Cinémathèque française of Paris.

Grand Prix André S. Labarthe

KOBAN LOUZOÙ by Brieuc Schieb
2022 | France | fiction | 59'

Audrey joins a participatory isolated workcamp where Kathleen, Laurence and Baptiste, volunteers from different backgrounds, live and work under the supervision of Aymeric. In a group marked by its disparity, each one tries to find one’s way around, to form bonds and to create a community.

- In the presence of Thomas Hakim (producer - Petit Chaos) -


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Grand Prix Janine Bazin
Prix One+One 

2022 | Italy, France, Brazil | documentary | 1h06

Trapped by the city, thousands of animals survive in Brasilia zoo. At night, tamanduas, wolves with manes, owls and crab-eating foxes mix with biologists, veterinarians and healers in a dark scenario where the challenges of life preservation spin a web of crisscrossing destinies. Who is actually fenced in?

- In the presence of Cédric Walter (co-producer - The Dark) -