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Special Events

Lab n°2: Bertrand Bonello - Resonances, Centre Pompidou

4 x 12 min - sonore

As part of his retrospective organized by the Centre Pompidou Bertrand Bonello, Resonances, the filmmaker and composer Bertrand Bonello presented, amongst others, the Brumes d'automne project (Autumn Mists project). On the images of the Dimitri Kirsanoff 's "cinematic poem" (1928), Bertrand Bonello composed a new score and invited two musicians to do the same. The Canadian musician, producer and DJ Richie Hawtin, the Singaporean composer Diana Soh, met through the Ircam, and Bertrand Bonello, each proposed a new score of the short film, alongside the original score by Paul Devred.

Brumes d'automne (Autumn Mists), by Dimitri Kirsanoff (1928, 12 min)
The evocations of a past haunt a melancholic young woman. 'In Autumn Mists, I expressed anxiety through drastically changed images in which nature was losing its density and unity' (Dimitri Kirsanoff).

Screening presented by Judith Revault-D'Allones, programmer at the cinemas of the Centre Pompidou

Production Centre Pompidou and Ircam-Centre Pompidou as part of the Autumn Festival in Paris. 4 different scores.

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