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Lab n°3 : Silent Films, Composition and improvisation


By Gaël Mevel, composer, pianist and cellist.

Using extracts fom He who gets slapped by Victor Sjöström (1924), Gael Mevel will talk about how he composes for silent films.

Both a pianist and a composer, his intellectual curiosity has lead him to develop a language at the borders of improvisation, contemporary music and jazz.
As a composer, Gael Mevel creates an original, sensitive universe. As an improviser, he delivers an austere though sensual language, a language born of silence.
He studied piano with Eric Watson, Jay Gottlieb , Geneviève Doyen, arrangement and composition with François Théberge, harmony with Bernard Maury, cello with Philippe Straszewsky. He also studied at the cinema school "Louis Lumière".

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