Andromaque's Position

Erick Malabry


As every year, Mikaël goes to stay in Paris for a few weeks, at his cousin Isolde’s place, who works as a stage manager in a small theatre. The young man, who has problems with diction owing to partial deafness, must undertake a speech-language therapy assessment during his stay, but a love interest disrupts his programme. Mikaël lets himself get caught up in the light-hearted banter of the group of girls who gravitate around his cousin, in the frenetic pace of the theatrical world, and in the lilting music of the verse of Racine’s Andromaque, which he rehearses on stage. Finally, he is caught in the ecstasy of love. Produced within the context of an acting school, Andromaque's Position reproduces the imaginary life behind the scenes of a theatre in a light-hearted way.(Elena Lopez Riera)

After having directed a few shorts, Erick Malabry works as a scriptwriter for other directors, until his first feature film as a director, Andromaque's Position.
CM/SF : Les Aoutiennes (1988), Les Amours Perdues (1989), L’Amour d’Estelle (1990), Les Beaux Jours (1992), L’Origine du Monde (2004)

Mikaël Goncalves, Isolde Cojean,Morgane Raspail, Diane O'Garvey, Pierre Laloye, Julia Zuili, Juliette Ramirez
Erick Malabry
James Coote, Elodie Ferré, Paul-Anthony Mille
Vianney Aubé, Juste Breyat, Maude Allain, Simon Legall, Sébastien Linsolas
Zoé Malouvet
Raphaël d'Aboville, Axel Defois, Emma Naizot
Raphaël d'Aboville, Sylvain Bresson (Le petit remorqueur), Paul-Anthony Mille, Pierre Mille (Kafard Films)

Raphaël d’Aboville (Le petit remorqueur)

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