Cornelius, the Howling Miller

Yann Le Quellec


When the miller Cornelius decides to build his windmill on top of the mountain, above a little village, he is far from thinking how his presence, so sincere and rough, is going to upset the natural order of the village. Cornelius displays such telluric energy that he soon becomes a subject of concern for the villagers. Only the beautiful Carmen seems capable of accepting him for who he is … even when he howls at nightfall, possessed by a force that he cannot control. With this burlesque and tragic tale, in which bodies and settings speak volumes, Yann Le Quellec continues to explore an ultra-physical and choreographic universe that owes as much to the art of film as it does to that of graphic novels. He gracefully captures a deeply ambivalent natural world, full of suffering and immense beauty.(Laurence Reymond)

Yann Le Quellec begins as a film producer; before directing films. He is also a cartoonist, at Delcourt Editions. Cornelius, the Howling Miller is his first feature film.
CM/SF : Je sens le beat qui monte en moi (2012), Le Quepa sur la Vilni ! (2013)

Bonaventure Gacon, Anaïs Demoustier, Gustave Kervern, Jocelyne Desverchère, Christophe Paou, Denis Lavant
Yann Le Quellec avec la collaboration de David Elkaïm, Jean-Luc Gaget, Gladys Marciano
Sébastien Buchmann
Antoine Corbin, Jean Mallet, Margot Testemale
Martin Wheeler, Iggy Pop
Art direction
Florian Sanson
Sandie Bompar, Yann Dedet
Agat Films & Cie / Ex Nihilo, Les Films de Mon Moulin

Julie Rhône (Agat films & Cie)

Emmélie Grée (Ad Vitam distribution)

2017 Competition