La Transversale : Unknown history of cinema on french television

Letters from a filmmaker

Lettres d'un cinéaste

Alain Cavalier / Raoul Ruiz / Jacques Rozier / Paul Vecchiali / Jean-Claude Brisseau


A programme of five Lettre d’un cinéaste shows, a series from the cult show Cinéma, cinémas.

Alain Cavalier

(France, 1982, 13 min)

Alain Cavalier films himself during the writing of the script of his next film, Thérèse.


Raoul Ruiz
Le retour d'un amateur de Bibliothèque

(Chili, 1983, 15 min)

In late 1982, Raoul Ruiz returns to his hometown in Chile for the first time since his departure following Augusto Pinochet’s coup d’état.


Jacques Rozier
Lettre de la Sierra Morena

(France, 1983, 21 min, director's cut never broadcasted)

On the theme “how to make a film today”, Jacques Rozier stages Fabrice Lucchini and Maurice Risch, who testify to some of the difficulties encountered by directors...

Paul Vecchiali
An Average Day

(France, 1983, 14 min)

Paul Vecchiali relates an “average day” based on an examination of the letter “D”.

Jean-Claude Brisseau

(France, 1990, 14 min)

Brisseau films the Marcadet neighbourhood in Paris where he grew up and evokes the movie theatre where his mother worked as a cleaner.

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