Put to the test : Charlie Chaplin

Short-films 2 : from tears to laughter

Short-films 2 : from tears to laughter

Charles Chaplin

United States

Short films screening 2 : from tears to laughter (birth of the tragedy)


The Bank by Charles Chaplin (1915, Essanay - 25’)
Charlie is employed as a janitor in a bank. He falls for Edna, the stenographer, but she likes another Charles, the cashier.

How to make movies by Charles Chaplin (1918, 16’ (montré en 1959)) 
Chaplin films the construction of his own studios in 1918. They are built like a street from an British town. Everyday activities, the comings and goings of the staff, some shootings, (etc) can be seen

Deleted scene from City lights by Charles Chaplin (1931, 7’) 

Shoulder arms  by Charles Chaplin (1918 – First National - 46’)
During WWI, Charlie  is in boot camp in the "awkward squad". One night he falls asleep and dream about becoming a war hero.

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