Goldilocks Planets

Seuls les pirates

Gaël Lépingle


Following an urban redevelopment project, Géro is about to be evicted from his home and his small theatre, where he no longer plays since he lost his voice. A nephew he barely knows suddenly settles in his home. He wants to write.

Goldilocks Planets opens with the cold presentation of a new urban project that generates practical concerns for the inhabitants of that neighbourhood. Squeezed between dull suburban areas and standardised office buildings, Gaël Lépingle's characters try and counter the fast-track dehumanisation of their environment. But fiction can thrive in the most unexpected places: an art performance set in a car park, a small theater venue surviving inside a housing lot... . This films depicts the heterotopia that can still be found amid our dead towns and cities in a romantic and Moonfleet-inspired tone that turns the characters' daily lives into thrilling adventures. (Mona Journo)


* Selected only for the prize Gérard Frot-Coutaz

Ludovic Douare, Delphine Chuillot, Renan Prevot, Georges Gay
Gaël Lépingle
Vianney Lambert
Vincent Reignier
Benoit Quinon
Gaëlle Jones, Perspective Films / Nadejda Tilhou, Cents Soleils

Perspective Films, Gaëlle Jones 

Gaël Lépingle has grown up in Orléans and is still nurtured by the landscapes from this region. This is where he shot La Nuit Tombée, a short film with a score by Julien Joubert that was screened at the festival Entrevues in 2014, and Julien, a medium-length documentary which received the FID festival's French Competition Award in 2010.  LM/ FF : Julien (2010) CM/SF : La Prisonnière du pont aux Dions (2005), Guy Gilles et le temps désaccordé (2008), La Nuit tombée (Entrevues, 2014), Une jolie vallée (2015)

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