Philippe Azoury


Philipe Azoury was a film critic for Libération, he also collaborated with Les Inrocks, Les Cahiers du cinéma and Vogue. He is currently a the cultural editor of Grazia. He is the author with Jean-Marc Lalanne of Fantômas, style moderne (2002, Yellow Now) and Jean Cocteau et le cinéma : Désordres (2003, Cahiers du Cinema Centre Georges Pompidou, Philippe Arnaud Price 2003) and published collaboration with photographer Antoine D'Agata, Stigma (2006 Images en manoeuvre).
On the occasion of the retrospective at the Centre Pompidou of Werner Schroeter in 2010, he signed a book about Werner Schroeter, who was not afraid of death, a declaration of love in seventy four fragments for the great filmmaker who died recently. In 2012, he is the author of a book of interviews with Adolfo Arrietta, a piece of your dream. And he signed in 2013, the first essay in french about Philippe Garrel : Philippe Garrel en substance. ​He's writing a new book about Jim Jarmusch.


  • The submissions for the 36th competition of Entrevues - Belfort International Film Festival, are now open, until July 31st.

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    Despite the cancellation of the 35th edition, we have decided to carry on with the 2020 edition with a winners’ list, as the prizes are necessary for the acknowledgement, the career of young filmmakers. 

  • The Net Found Footage programme will be partly screened on the streaming platform Tënk, for 8 weeks, starting on November 20th.





    Despite the cancellation of its 35th edition and thanks to the commitment of its partners, Entrevues has decided to carry on with its post production support to help as much as possible the filmmakers during this period so uncertain for the whole sector.




  • We carry on with the International Competition and the members of the jury will work together to provide the 2020 edition with a winners’ list, as the prizes are necessary for the acknowledgement, the career of young filmmakers.

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The international competition is open to :

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd feature films (60 minutes and over)
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd short and medium length films (less than 60 minutes)
  • without distinction of genre : fiction, essay, animation and documentary of creation (films produced for television - shows, television magazines, news coverage - are not eligible)
  • initiated by a self-produced director, a production company, an association, a school
  • completed after the 1st of August 2020 and having not been commercially released in France in movie theaters or on television (except for short films, which may have been broadcasted on local or specialty channel, exclusively).

Submissions are open until July 31st, 2021.
The decisions of the selection committee will be given y email mid-October, 2021.

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