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Marie-Claude Treilhou


Marie-Claude Treilhou is a french director and actress. After graduating from a Philosophy and Art History Bachelor degree, she collaborated to the magazines Cinéma and Art Press, from 1974 and 1977. She was an editing intern on Jean-François Stévenin's first film Passe-montagne (1977), then she was the second assistant on Corps à coeur by Paul Vecchiali (1978). She directed her first film in 1979, Simone Barbès ou la Vertu which was saluted by the press. She directed since narrative and documentary films, such as Le Jour des rois (1990), selected at Entrevues in 1990 and won the award for Best Actress, En cours de musique (2000), Un petit cas de conscience (2002), or Couleurs d’orchestre (2007). She served as a jury at Entrevues in 2013. Marie-Claude Treilhou is currently a professor at the Ateliers Varan.