The Prizes

Jury Prizes


- Five international professionals will award the following prizes:

Grand Prix Janine Bazin – 8,000 €

for the Best Feature Film provided by the city of Belfort and supported by the GNCR

Ciné+ Distribution Support Award - 15,000€

awarded to the French distributor, or futur distributor of the film: the award represents the purchase of the rights to broadcast the film on Ciné+ Club channel

Grand Prix for the Best Short Film – 3,500 €


- Five young people from 18 to 25 years old and a personnality from the music industry will award the prize:

Eurocks One + One Award – 2,500 €

Provided by Les Eurockéennes with the support of La Sacem, it awards the remarkable and innovative musical spirit of a film.


- CAMIRA (Cinema and Moving Image Research Assembly, international organization composed of critics, academics and curators from around the world) will award the following prizes:

The Gérard Frot-Coutaz Award - 5,000 €

awarded to the Best French First Feature film

CAMIRA award

The winner will have both an interview and an article on her/his work published in General Intellect, the organization's film magazine


- The People's Choice Awards:

Audience Feature Film Award – 3,000€
Audience Short Film Award – 1,700 €


Eurocks One+One Jury 2014 with Lou Doillon ©Vincent Courtois