International Competition 2013

Feature Films

Casse, Nadège Trebal (France, 90 mn)
Cendres, Idrissa Guiro et Mélanie Pavy (France, 74 mn)
Chantier A,  Lucie Dèche, Karim Loualiche et Tarek Sami (Algérie – France, 104 mn)
La Jungla interior, Juan Barrero (Espagne, 75 mn)
Kelly, Stéphanie Régnier (France, 67 mn)
Latch (Salpa),  Zagros Manuchar (Finlande, 107 mn)
Lebanon Emotion (Le-ba-non Kam-jeong), Jung Young-heon (Corée du sud, 106 mn)
Monsieur Morimoto,  Nicola Sornaga (France, 95 mn)
Révolution Zendj,  Tariq Teguia (Algérie – France – Liban, 137 mn)
Round Trip, Meyar Al-Roumi (Syrie – France, 74 mn)
See You Next Tuesday, Drew Tobia (Etats-Unis, 82 mn)
The Strange Little Cat, Ramon Zürcher (Allemagne, 72 mn)
TIR, Alberto Fasulo (Italie – Croatie, 85 mn)

Short Films

A Day in the Open (En Dag Am Fraien),  Govinda Van Maele (Luxembourg, 20 mn)
L’Âge de feu de Leo Haddad (Suisse, 25 mn)
’A iucata, Michele Pennetta (Suisse, 38 mn)
Dentro, Emiliano Rocha Minter (Mexique, 13 mn)
Ein Kleiner Augenblick des Glücks, Thomas Moritz Helm (Allemagne, 23 mn)
Être vivant, Emmanuel Gras (France, 16 mn)
Jose Combustao dos porcos, José Magro (Portugal, 18 mn)
Juke-Box, Ilan Klipper (France, 23 mn)
My Sweet Home (Yeol-yeo-deol Ban),  Jung Seoung-oh (Corée du sud, 26 mn)
Nous sommes revenus dans l’allée des marronniers, Leslie Lagier (France, 16 mn)
Peine perdue, Arthur Harari (France, 38 mn)
La Permission, Joyce A. Nashawati (France, 17 mn)


  • The French-Algerian director will be honoured during the 37e edition of Entrevues !

    > The first complete retrospective of the director, in his presence, cartes blanches screenings, panel discussions with his artistic collaborators and a preview screening of his new film Le Gang des Bois du Temple.


    The 2022 submissions will be open from September 1st to October 14th! 

  • The submissions to the International competition of Entrevues are now closed. 

    The selected short and feature films will be announced mid-October!

  • Discover more details and pictures of the new selection comitee and of the new team in charge of the retrospectives and thematic programming : the 2022 artistic team

  •  Towards a new programming dynamic…


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