2014 [Films en cours]

Edition 2014



El Silencio del rio by Carlos Tribiño, Colombia, Uruguay, France, fiction, Igolaï producciones, Seacuatico, Promenades films



A Girl with Red Butterfly Wings by Priyantha Kaluarachchi, Sri Lanka, France, fiction, 97 minutes, Film Council Productions, Les films de l'étranger

El Silencio del Rio by Carlos Tribiño, Colombia, Uruguay, France, fiction, 75 minutes, Igolaï producciones, Seacuatico, Promenades films

La Montagne magique by Andreï Schtakleff, France, documentary, 64 minutes, The Kingdom

Noche Herida by Nicolas Rincon Gilles, Belgium - Colombia, documentary, 86 minutes, Voa Films, Medio de Contencion

La Nuit s'achève by Cyril Leuthy, France, documentary, 97 minutes, autoproduction



Arnaud Chelet (co-manager of Ike No Koi), Sylvia Conti (art director at Gomedia), Pierre Huot (post-production manager), Nicolas Naegelen (manager of Poly Son), Philippe Perrot (manager of Cosmodigital), Laurence Reymond (programmer at the festival Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal and at the selection commitee of the Director's Forthnight), Stefano Savona (filmmaker)