[Films en cours] 2018

The 10th edition of the [Films en cours] post production support.

5 international feature films that are towards the end of the editing process are selected and examined by a jury who will award one of them with the complete post-production services offered by Entrevues and its partners. The films are presented during the festival in screenings reserved for industry professionals (distributors and programmers).



Lucie Viver
Documentary/ France / Les Films du Bilboquet / 1h50

Lucie Viver's first documentary film explores the consequences of the people's insurrection in Burkina Faso in 2014, and follows a young poet who sets out to meet his fellow citizens by walking along the country's only railway. A journey through the "land of upright men" that becomes an initiatory trip.




Lucile Chaufour
Documentary / France / Supersonicglide / 1h25

After Violent Days (Grand Prix, Belfort 2004) and East Punk Memories, Lucie Chaufour dives into the sidecar races' universe with her third feature film, filming these put-putting carriages, their driver and passengers. For the danger-loving couples participating, the race is a key-moment during which they overcome obstacles together.



Camilo Restrepo
Fiction / France, Colombia, Brasil/ 5à7 films / 1h10

After several successful short films (Cilaos and La Impresion de una guerra, which got an award in Locarno; La Bouche, screened during La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in 2017), Camilo Restrepo has directed his first feature film, Los Conductos, which follows a character who, after having been on the run, has to face ghosts from his past as he tries to return to society.



Eléonore Weber
Documentary / France / Perspective Films / 1h13

The first feature film from Eléonore Weber, after Night Replay, screened at Belfort in 2012 and broadcasted on Arte La Lucarne, presents footage shot by the Us and French Armies in Afghanistan, Irak and Pakistan. The film shows these images outside the propaganda context in which they are usually presented and points out where our desire to see can lead us if we do not set limits.



Takuya Misawa
Fiction / Japan, Hong-Kong / Fei Pang Wong / 1h17

Takuya Misawa's first feature film, Chigasaki Story, was screened in Rotterdam and Belfort in 2015. His second film, The Murders of Oiso, tells the story of Shun, Eita, Kazuya and Tomoko, four childhood friends from Oiso, a Japanese seaside town. They work together in Kazuya's uncle's construction company. One day, Tomoki finds a corpse...


2018 Jury

Claire DIAO, programmer at Cannes' Director's Fortnight 
Pierre HUOT, post-production manager
Matthieu LANGLET, sound mixer at La Puce à l'Oreille
Patricia MAZUY, filmmaker
Nicolas NAEGELEN, manager of Polyson
Philippe PERROT, manager of Cosmodigital
Fabián TERUGGI, development manager of CinévidéoCim