International Competition 2009

Feature Films

Hiver (les Grands Chats), Marianne Pistone & Gilles Deroo  (France, 55 mn)
This Longing (Punggok Rindukan Bulan), Azharr Rudin (Malaisie, 122 mn)
Perpetuum Mobile, Nicolas Pereda (Mexique - Canada, 86 mn)
The Man's Woman And Other Stories (Aadmi ki aurat aur anya kahaniya), Amit Dutta (Inde, 78 mn)
Domaine, Patric Chiha (France - Autriche, 110 mn)
Police, adjectif (Politist, adjectiv), Corneliu Porumboiu (Roumanie, 113 mn)
La Vie au Ranch, Sophie Letourneur (France, 90 mn)
You Might As Well Live, Simon Ennis (Canada, 82 mn)
Lenny and the Kids (Go Get Some Rosmary), Benny & Josh Safdie (États-Unis, 100 mn)
Victoria Day, David Bezmozgis (Canada, 87 mn)
Disorder (Xianshi shi guoqu de weilai), Huang Weikai (Chine, 58 mn)
October Country, Michael Palmieri (États-Unis, 79 mn)
Le Temps des grâces, Dominique Marchais (France, 123 mn)
We Don't Care About Music Anyway…, Cédric Dupire & Gaspard Kuentz (France, 80 mn)
The Cat, the Reverend and the Slave, Alain Della Negra & Kaori Kinoshita (France, 80 mn)
Le Plein Pays, Antoine Boutet (France, 58 mn)

Short Films

Patrick Patrick Club Suicide, Cécile Biclet & Hervé Coqueret (France, 17 mn)
Un Projet important, Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet (France, 38 mn)
Chanson d'amour et de bonne santé, João Nicolau (Portugal, 34 mn)
Rendez-vous à Stella-Plage, Shalimar Preuss (France, 18 mn)
Un Transport en commun, Dyana Gaye (France, Sénégal, 48 mn)
Chasing cats and cars, Liew Seng Tat (Malaisie, 12 mn)
Le Contretemps, Dominique Baumard (France, 38 mn)
Six, Çagla Zencirci & Guillaume Giovanetti (2009, France, Japon, 28 mn)
Crache pas quand il pleut, Gurvan Hue (2009, France, 12 mn)
The Loneliness of the Short-Order Cook, Marcel Sawicki (2009, Pologne, 22 mn)
It Is Written In Your I.D. That I Am Your Father, Matan Yair (Israël, 48 mn)
Entretien avec Almiro Vilar Da Costa, Sergio Da Costa (Suisse, 29 mn)
Jangarh, Film One, Amit Dutta (Inde, 24 mn)
Entrevista con la tierra, Nicolás Pereda (Mexique, 18 mn)
Atlantiques, Mati Diop (France - Sénégal, 15 mn)
Hallo Papi, Salma Cheddadi (Allemagne - France, 7 mn)
Destination Finale (Final Destination), Philip Widmann (Allemagne, 9 mn)


  • The French-Algerian director will be honoured during the 37e edition of Entrevues !

    > The first complete retrospective of the director, in his presence, cartes blanches screenings, panel discussions with his artistic collaborators and a preview screening of his new film Le Gang des Bois du Temple.


    The 2022 submissions will be open from September 1st to October 14th! 

  • The submissions to the International competition of Entrevues are now closed. 

    The selected short and feature films will be announced mid-October!

  • Discover more details and pictures of the new selection comitee and of the new team in charge of the retrospectives and thematic programming : the 2022 artistic team

  •  Towards a new programming dynamic…


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