2016 Retrospectives


2016 Previews

A selection of films presented in previews 1 to 3 months before their theatrical releases, in presence of the films crew. 

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A certain genre

New French burlesque

Serge Bozon, Quentin Dupieux, Jean-Christophe Meurisse, Emmanuel Mouret, Antonin Peretjatko, Thomas Salvador : 6 directors of comedy genre, absurd and irrational, associate to one of their film, the film that made them laugh the most.

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La Transversale


When cinema is inspired by cinema: Entrevues presents an eclectic programme made up of 32 screenings in which 16 original features are confronted with their “remake”. From key works (De Palma/Hitchcock, Tarantino) and less expected pairings (Bergman/Craven), to a selection of “auto-remakes” (by Ozu, Eustache, etc.), a music videos programme  and a carte blanche given to the Film collection of the Centre Pompidou: cinematographic remixes will be explored under all their forms. 

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Put to the test

Satyajit Ray

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Cinema and History

This is my body

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Special Events

After shows at la poudrière 2016

Discover and enjoy the nightlife of the festival at La Poudrière, the Belfort's concert hall of contemporary music.

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  • The 33e édition will take place November 17-25, 2018.

    Submissions for the International competition (1st, 2d and 3rd films) will open from May 7 until August 31 on our website. No fees requested.

    The Post-production support [Films en cours] submissions will open beginning September 2018, the advanced roughcuts can be send until the beginning of October 2018.

  • Discover the awards list of the 32nd edition of the festival ! 

  • The great VoD plateform is now Entrevues' partner and offer you 1 free month :)