2017 Retrospectives

Special Events

Previews & Special screenings 2017

A selection of films presented one to three month prior to their theatrical releases, a cine-concert, round tables, conferences, VR films….

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La Fabbrica


The producer of the latest films by Brian de Palma, David Cronenberg, Paul Verhoeven, and Philippe Garrel presents his dream festival to us: the films of his life, the ones that he produced, and encounters with his associates.

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A certain genre

virtual Realities

An exploration of the dramatic potential of “VR”, focussing on two areas: the screening of films in VR, that illustrate its narrative potential and a selection of films that explore VR as a key element of the narrative.

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Cinema and History

Don't and be careful, Ladies!

Historians explore how women were represented before the Hays censorship Code that governed Hollywood films in the thirties. A tribute to the freedom of tone of these films and their actresses: Barbara Stanwick, Mae West, Clara Bow, Kay Francis or Miriam Hopkins…

In collaboration with Adrienne Boutang and Marie Frappat. 

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La Transversale

Unknown history of cinema on french television

Television has long been considered, mistakenly, as off the film world’s radar. If we look closely, however, a great deal of French or foreign filmmakers have continued to find commissions or airtime from television networks, ever since the generation of the Nouvelle Vague. The retrospective presents many extremelly rare films, still unreleased in cinema theaters. 

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Put to the test

Charlie Chaplin

Every year, Entrevues welcomes 400 secondary school students from all around France to participate in workshops and to follow a programme based around the main film in the curriculum of the Cinema Major for the French Baccalaureate.

The film chosen for the year 2017-2018 is City Lights (1931). From the birth of Charlot's character to the filmmaker Chaplin, Entrevues presents an exploration of the work of the great burlesque master through a retrospective of all his feature films, a selection of short films and an exceptional cine-concert of The Kid (1921) by the Victor Hugo Orchestra from Franche-Comté

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The Festival for Kids

Entrevues Junior: I'm a hero!

In the movies, kids can be heroes! From Kiki's Delivery Service by Miyazaki to The Sword in the Stone and through Small Change by François Truffaut, discover the adventures of small heroes from Japan to Iran…

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Special Events

After parties at la Poudrière 2017

The Eurockéennes music festival of Belfort program the after parties of Entrevues at la Poudrière (Belfort)

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