La Fabbrica


The producer of the latest films by Brian de Palma, David Cronenberg, Paul Verhoeven, and Philippe Garrel presents his dream festival to us: the films of his life, the ones that he produced, and encounters with his associates.

Producers are the ones who dream up a film with a director. At a time when the producer’s cinephilia is a notion that seems to be gradually disappearing in favour of an administrative and financial technicity, Entrevues explores with Saïd Ben Saïd (alias SBS) his relationship to cinema and how it has enabled him to imagine the new films of important filmmakers, some of whom hadn’t shot a film in a long time. He presents us with an intimate glimpse of his cinephilia, through a list of more than 40 films that constitute his “dream festival”, taking us from Claude Chabrol to Peter Weir and from Max Ophuls to Kenji Mizoguchi.



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