[Films en cours] Post-production support

Through the [Films en cours] award, Entrevues Belfort International Film Festival offers post-production support for first, second, and third feature films, dedicated to theatrical release (narrative, essay, documentary).


5 international feature films that are towards the end of the editing process are selected and examined by a jury made up of the award’s support partners, a film festival programmer, and a filmmaker.
The films are presented during the festival in screenings reserved for industry professionals (distributors and programmers). The jury deliberates at the end of the screenings and nominates only one film among the 5 applicants, which will receive the entire post production services proposed.

Thanks to the participation of French companies La Puce à l'oreille, Studio Orlando, Le Grand Action and CinéliDigital, the awarded film will receive the following technical services:

  • sound post-production (editing and/or mixing and/or recordings) worth 14 000 euros (offered by LA PUCE A L'OREILLE)
  • conformation and color grading worth 17 000 euros (offered by STUDIO ORLANDO)
  • checking of the mix in a movie theatre worth 3 000 euros (offered by LE GRAND ACTION)
  • subtitling into French or English (offered by CINELI DIGITAL)
  • DCP mastering (offered by CINELI DIGITAL)
  • The skills of a post-production manager are also part of the offer. He will supervise the post-production planning and coordination with the producer.



THE AWARDED FILM ILL BE ANNOUNCED ON NOVEMBER 28 during the closing ceremony of the festival





  • We’re happy to reveal the 36th edition poster, which will focus on Mad Love !

  • The director of Policeman, The Kindergarten Teacher, Synonyms (Golden Bear in Berlin in 2019) and Ahed's knee (selected in this year’s Cannes official competition), will share with the audience his passion and take on cinema: full retrospective of his movies, meetings with his artistic collaborators, carte blanche.

  • The submissions for the 36th competition of Entrevues - Belfort International Film Festival, are now open, until July 31st.

    We look forward to see your films! 







    Despite the cancellation of the 35th edition, we have decided to carry on with the 2020 edition with a winners’ list, as the prizes are necessary for the acknowledgement, the career of young filmmakers. 

  • The Net Found Footage programme will be partly screened on the streaming platform Tënk, for 8 weeks, starting on November 20th.





    Despite the cancellation of its 35th edition and thanks to the commitment of its partners, Entrevues has decided to carry on with its post production support to help as much as possible the filmmakers during this period so uncertain for the whole sector.




  • We carry on with the International Competition and the members of the jury will work together to provide the 2020 edition with a winners’ list, as the prizes are necessary for the acknowledgement, the career of young filmmakers.