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La Puce à l'Oreille is a group of sound engeneers, sound editors, musicians and sound mixers, created in 2009. Thanks to the complementarity of their skills, they assure the fluidity of sound work of all audiovisual project, giving to it both technical quality and originality. Technical services provided : shooting / sound recording ; 4 studios of sound editing and mixing


Poly-Son Post Production is a service enterprise specialized in sound post-production for cinema.
Founded and managed by a professional team, its main goal is to make available performing and reliable instruments to accompany movie productions under the best possible conditions.
Thus, in their Parisian business sites, Poly-Son offers a full range of technical and human support for all sound post-production purposes:
- Dolby certified cinema mixing auditoriums: Palo Alto Paris and Palo Alto Montreuil.
- Compact 5+1 mixing studios, Premix cinema-mixing TV.
- Sound effects recording and post-synchronisation: The Studios of the 5th arrondissement.
- Image and sound editing (equipped rooms or mobile equipment).
- Follow-up services for workflow-calibration-soundbanks-archiving-deliveries-TV mastering.


After her law degree, Elsa Cohen worked as a legal counsel in various public institutions and local governments. For over 10 years (between 2006 and 2019), she worked at the Film Department of the Ile-de-France Region, including 7 years as the head of the Post-Production Support Fund (for short films and features). Since 2020, Elsa Cohen has been working as post-production manager on several films, including The Marriage Project by Essam Eslami and Atieh Attarzadeh, Full Time by Eric Gravel and Sentinelle Sud by Mathieu Gérault.



The submissions for the International Competition of the 39th edition ntrevues, Belfort International Film Festival of are open until July 31.  

Retrospective Luc Moullet

Luc Moullet's films are back in theaters in restored versions from January 31! Thanks to the outstanding work of Gaël Teicher (La Traverse). In the presence of Luc Moullet.

2023 Awards

The 38th edition winners !


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