International Competition : First French Fictions

Tombé du ciel

Wissam Charaf


Is another story of war and its aftermath even possible? Wissam Charaf demonstrates that it is, through this melancholic comedy about characters trying to survive—and to love—in a country (Lebanon) which is still drowning under the repercussions of a fifteen year long civil war. After years of absence, Samir returns to his family’s home where the only people left are, a father devastated by the defeat and a disoriented younger brother. Samir tries to recover his place in a country that no longer recognizes him (and vice-versa). Like a ghost—though he is certainly corporeal—he must take back control of a life that has been interrupted by armed conflict. He is a body that occupies a singular space, at once very visible yet already no longer there, a burlesque spectre resisting its own disappearance, a spectre that bothers and disorients everything. Almost like a lay angel indicating the solar path that must be taken after the fire. (Elena Lopez Riera)

Wissam Charaf worked as an editor and a cameraman for TV reports, which led him to many war zones countries (Lebanon, Afghanistan, Darfour), before starting working in cinema.
Courts métrages
Hizz Ya wizz (Entrevues 2004) , Un héros ne meurt jamais (2007), L'Armée des fourmis (Entrevues 2007), Après (2016)
Longs métrages
It's all in Lebanon (2011)

Tombé du ciel is his first fiction feature film.

Rodrigue Sleiman, Raed Yassin, Said Serhan, George Melki, Yumna Marwan
Wissam Charaf, Mariette Desert
Martin Rit
Emmanuel Zouki
Wissam Charaf
William Laboury
Charlotte Vincent (Aurora Films), Pierre Sarraf (Né à Beyrouth)


Adrien Boursot (Epicentre Films)

2016 Competition