International Competition 2012

Feature Films

Ape, Joel Potrykus (États-Unis, 86 mn)
Dipso, Theodore Collatos (États-Unis, 75 mn)
Everybody In Our Family (Papa vient dimanche), Radu Jude (Roumanie,107 mn)
In April The Following Year, There Was a Fire, Wichanon Somumjarn (Thaïlande, 76 mn)
La Destruccion del orden vigente, Alejo Franzetti (Argentine, 88 mn)
Los Salvajes, Alejandro Fadel (Argentine, 119 mn)
Ma Belle gosse, Shalimar Preuss (France,80 mn)
O Som ao redor (Les Bruits de récife), Kleber Mendonça Filho (Brésil, 124 mn)
Orleans, Virgil Vernier (France, 60 mn)
Stalingrad Lovers, Fleur Albert (France, 80 mn)
Tower, Kazik Radwanski (Canada, 78 mn)
Jajouka, quelque chose de bon vient vers toi, Éric et Marc Hurtado (France - Maroc, 61 mn)
Leviathan, Lucien Castaing-Taylor et Véréna Paravel (Royaume-Uni - États-Unis - France, 87 mn)
Memories Look At Me, Fang Song (Chine, 87 mn)
Night Replay, Eléonore Weber et Patricia Allio (France, 85 mn)

Short Films

As Ondas, Miguel Fonseca (Portugal, 21 mn)
Broken Specs, Ted Fendt (États-Unis, 6 mn)
Keep a Tidy Soul, Joshua Moore (États-Unis, 11 mn)
Lighthouse, Wouter Venema (Pays-Bas, 19 mn)
Marseille la nuit, Marie Monge (France, 42 mn)
O Dom das lagrimas, João Nicolau (Portugal, 27 mn)
Vilaine fille mauvais garçon, Justine Triet (France, 30 mn)
A Story For the Modlins, Sergio Oksman (Espagne, 26 mn)
Aux Bains de la reine, Maya Kosa et Sergio Da Costa (Suisse, 37 mn)
East Hastings Pharmacy, Antoine Bourges (Canada, 46 mn)
Floreria y Edecanes, Jaiziel Hernandez (Mexique, 41 mn)
La nuit remue, Bijan Anquetil (France, 45 mn)
Ovos de dinossauro na sala de estar, Rafael Urban (Brésil, 12 mn)
The Meaning of Style, Phil Collins (Malaisie, 5 mn)
Un mito antropologico televisivo, Alessandro Gagliardo, Maria Helene Bertino et Dario Castelli (Italie, 57 mn)


  • The French-Algerian director will be honoured during the 37e edition of Entrevues !

    > The first complete retrospective of the director, in his presence, cartes blanches screenings, panel discussions with his artistic collaborators and a preview screening of his new film Le Gang des Bois du Temple.


    The 2022 submissions will be open from September 1st to October 14th! 

  • The submissions to the International competition of Entrevues are now closed. 

    The selected short and feature films will be announced mid-October!

  • Discover more details and pictures of the new selection comitee and of the new team in charge of the retrospectives and thematic programming : the 2022 artistic team

  •  Towards a new programming dynamic…


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