2015 Retrospectives

Special 30th

Exquisite Corpse

Thirty filmmakers, who have marked the history of the festival, will be playing the famous surrealist game, by choosing a film based on the last frame of another film. 

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Special 30th

Entrevues, 30 years later

The new films of Claire Simon, Corneliu Porumboiu, Serge Bozon (with Julie Desprairies), the Safdie Brothers, Paul Vecchiali and the Larrieu brothers... News from the filmmakers who have been a part of Entrevues, presented through preview screenings, unreleased works, and restored film copies.

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La Fabbrica

Otar Iosseliani

On the occasion of the release of his latest feature film Winter Song, Entrevues will be looking back at the singular, poetic, and impertinent oeuvre of the famous Georgian filmmaker. 

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A certain genre

Complete Bong Joon-ho

The complete retrospective of shorts and feature films by the young South Korean virtuoso.

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Cinema and History

year 1986

An exploration of the decisive films that came out the year in which Entrevues was created. From Japan and the United-States to France, what can the year 1986 reveal about the cinematography of epoch and the state of the world at a given moment?

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Put to the test

Matter and Memory

"Put to the test": a special programm for college students based on the film part of the curriculum for the French Baccalaureate.
This year, starting from Patricio Guzman’s Nostalgia for the Light, we will be exploring the political stakes of collective memory through documentary cinema.


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The Festival for Kids

Entrevues Junior

Entrevues Junior - the Film Festival for Kids !

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