2020 Jury

The 2020 jury is composed of:

Philippe Azoury 

Philippe Azoury is currently the cultural editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair. He was one of the film critics at Libération for many years. He published several monographs on, for example, Philippe Garrel, Werner Schroeter, The Velvet Underground, Fantômas or Jean Cocteau. After a first jury experience in Belfort in 2002, Philippe Azoury is back for a second round at Entrevues, “same player shoots again”.

Frank Beauvais

© Fabrice Lévêque

Frank Beauvais is a filmmaker, music consultant and film programmer. Between 2005 and 2015, he directed 8 shorts and mid-length films, such as Je flotterai sans envie, which won the Grand Prix for Best Short film at Entrevues in 2008. His first feature, Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream, was released in French theaters in fall 2019.

Bruno Deloye

Bruno Deloye is the Manager of Ciné + Classic & Club. In 1991, as the French government was carrying out the installation of cable infrastructure throughout the territory, he started his carrier in France’s first Pay per view channel. He then founded Muzzik (today known as Mezzo), the first European channel for dance, classical and jazz music. He then joined the Canal Plus Group as the Manager of Ciné + Classic & Club, two channels specialized in broadcasting world cinema masterpieces and new gems of contemporary cinema. He is also a qualified member of the CNC Film heritage directorate. As part of his duties at Ciné+, he’s participated in co-producing over 1,000 documentaries about cinema, proof that he intends on building a memory for the future.

Amélie Galli

After working at the Short-film agency for four years and having co-founded the Hors Piste Festival Amélie Galli has been one of the Pompidou Center programmers since 2008. She has put together retrospectives and exhibits with contemporary filmmakers and worked with – among many - Wang Bing, Serge Bozon, Albert Serra, Sébastien Lifshitz, Teresa Villaverde and Michel Gondry. In 2015, she commissioned Stand Up!, a film and live performance event. She is a regular contributor for many magazines including Trafic, Blink Blank and Bref.

Sarah Leonor

Sarah Leonor is a filmmaker. She has directed several short and mid-length films such as L’Arpenteur, which she co-directed with Michel Klein and won the Jean Vigo short-film award in 2002. Feature films soon followed, including A Real Life, starring Guillaume Depardieu, Florence Loiret-Caille and Jacques Nolot, and The Great Man (2014) starring Jérémie Rénier and Surho Sugaipov.







    Despite the cancellation of the 35th edition, we have decided to carry on with the 2020 edition with a winners’ list, as the prizes are necessary for the acknowledgement, the career of young filmmakers. 

  • The Net Found Footage programme will be partly screened on the streaming platform Tënk, for 8 weeks, starting on November 20th.





    Despite the cancellation of its 35th edition and thanks to the commitment of its partners, Entrevues has decided to carry on with its post production support to help as much as possible the filmmakers during this period so uncertain for the whole sector.




  • We carry on with the International Competition and the members of the jury will work together to provide the 2020 edition with a winners’ list, as the prizes are necessary for the acknowledgement, the career of young filmmakers.