Awards and jurys 1988


Françoise Lebrun
Lucas Belvaux
Jean Louis Comolli
Roger Diamantis
Jean Luc Douin
Jean Pierre Limosin


Grand Prix Best French Feature Film :

Mon Cher Sujet, Anne-Marie Mieville (France-Switzerland)

Grand Prix Best Foreign Feature Film :

Vols d’été, Yousry Nasrallah (Egypte)
Special mention to Uma pedra no bolso, Joachim Pinto (Portugal)

Grand Prix Best French Short Film :

La Police, Claire Simon (France)
Special mention to L’étoile de mer, Thierry Tartas (France)
Une Femme pour l’hiver, Manuel Fleche (France)

Grand Prix Best Foreign Short Film:

Pierrot Lunaire, Peter Delpeut, Arnaud Kranenborg, Eric Velthuis & Paul Ruven (Netherlands)

Audience Narrative French Feature Film Award :

Les Petites photos, Guy Mousset (France)

Audience Narrative Foreign Feature Film Award :

Affetti speciali, Felice Farina (Italy)

Audience Narrative French Short Film Award :

Jours de vague, Alain Tasma (France)

Audience Narrative Foreign Short Film Award :

... And a song and dance, Zachary Stratis (USA)



The submissions for the International Competition of the 39th edition ntrevues, Belfort International Film Festival of are open until July 31.  

Retrospective Luc Moullet

Luc Moullet's films are back in theaters in restored versions from January 31! Thanks to the outstanding work of Gaël Teicher (La Traverse). In the presence of Luc Moullet.

2023 Awards

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