Awards and jurys 2001



Françoise Guglielmi
Jean Marc Lalanne
Gilles Marchand
Camille Nevers
Joao Pedro Rodrigues


Christa Blümlinger
Sophie Bredier
Thomas Cheysson


Grand Prix Best French Feature Film :

Fantômes, Jean-Paul Civerac (France, 90 mn)

Grand Prix Best Foreign Feature Film :

L’Orphelin d’Anyang, Wang Chao (Chine, 84 mn)

Grand Prix Best French Short Film :

Keep in touch, Jean-Claude Rousseau (France, 26 mn)

Grand Prix Best Foreign Short Film :

Deadly Boring, Henry Moore Selder (Suède, 8mn30)
Mention spéciale à Inventario de natal, Miguel Gomes (Portugal, 22 mn)

Gérard Frot-Coutaz Award :

Ce Vieux rêve qui bouge, Alain Guiraudie (France, 50 mn)

Léo Scheer Award :

Wesh wesh, qu’est ce qui se passe ?, Rabah Ameur-Zaimeche (France, 83 mn)

Grand Prix Best Documentary :

Asta E, Thomas Ciulei (Roumanie - Allemagne, 92 mn)

Audience Narrative Feature Film Award :

Sept chants de la Toundra, M. Lehmuskallio & A. Lapsui (Finlande, 90 mn)

Audience Narrative Short Film Award :

Le Secret de Lucie, Louise Thermes (France, 17 mn)

Audience Documentary Film Award :

Paroles de Bibs, Jocelyne Lemaire-Darnaud (France, 96 mn)




The submissions for the International Competition of the 39th edition ntrevues, Belfort International Film Festival of are open until July 31.  

Retrospective Luc Moullet

Luc Moullet's films are back in theaters in restored versions from January 31! Thanks to the outstanding work of Gaël Teicher (La Traverse). In the presence of Luc Moullet.

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