In 1990, Youssef Chahine is the guest of honour of the festival. 
A retrospective of his 17 films was presented alongside with an exhibition of his work at the Belfort city library. 

Among the competitors this year:

Régis Franc,Toutes les femmes se ressemblent
Serge Le Péron, Sésame ouvre toi
Nicolas Philibert, La Ville Louvre
Marie-Claude Treilhou, Le Jour des rois
Patrice Vivancos, Xenia

The jury composed by Claire Denis, Mireille Perrier, Yousry Nasrallah, Patrick Sandrin, Jorge Silva Melo and Charles Tesson, awarded the Grand Prix to F.J Ossang for his film Le Trésor des îles chiennes.

The Audience Award is given to Christian Vincent for his first feature film La Discrète, which was release the same week, with Judith Henry, Fabrice Luchini and Maurice Garrel.

The poster of the festival, created by Jean-Marie Courreye, was awarded of the most beautiful poster in Cannes by the Philip Morris Fondation.


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