A rich program this year at Entrevues with a tribute to Alain Resnais (in 24 films) and two horizontal themes, one dedicated to the landscape in narrative films (in more than 25 films) and the other one, to the horror and fantastic genre, from Alfred Hitchcock to David Lynch. 


The Grand Jury, composed by Valérie Cadet, Laurent Achard, Omar Amiralay, Xavier Carniaux, Philippe Ramos and Marc Voinchet, awarded Claire Simon of the Grand Prix for the Best French Feature film, for her second feature film Ca, c'est vraiment toi (for which she also received the Procirep dotation).

Jim McKay (Our Song) and Joao Pedro Rodrigues (O Fantasma) were awarded ex-aequo the Grand Prix for the Best Foreign Feature film.
Thomas Salvador received the Grand Prix for the Best French Short film, with his first film Une rue dans sa longueur.
Darren Aronofsky received the Audience Feature film award for Requiem for a dream, his second feature film.

The international competition was also composed by: Alain Guiraudie with his third short film Du soleil pour les Gueux ; Ilan Duran Cohen with La Confusion des genres ; Vincent Dieutre with Leçon de ténèbres, his second work ;  Nicolas Klotz with Paria ; Rafi Pitts with Sanam ; and Raphael Jacoulot with La Lisière his first film.


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