The 21st edition welcomes Catherine Bizern at the head of the art direction of the festival.

The program includes: a tribute to the Diagonale productions and its founder, Paul Vecchiali ; a retrospective of the italian filmmaker Marco Bellocchio, from his first film Les Poings dans les poches (1965) to Sourire de ma mère (2001), including Le Saut dans le vide (1980).

This year is also the occasion to pay a tribute to one of the more complex and emblematic female characters of the world cinema, through "Heroines !", a transversal program, which gathers about thirty films, from Gertrud to Monika, from Johnny Guitare to Sans toit ni loi, from Jeanne Dielman to Jacky Brown
Finally, the section "Fragments d'une oeuvre" is dedicated to the italian experimental filmmakers Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi. 


INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: A look back at the awards

Albert Serra is the great winner of the international competition: he wins the Grand Prix of the Jury for his second feature film Honor de cavalleria and the actress Montse Triola, the Janine Bazin Best Performance award.

Substitute, the first film of the french composer Fred Poulet, co-directed with the football player Vikash Dhorasoo, wins the Best French Film award.
For his first section at Entrevues, João Nicolau wins for Rapace, both the Audience Best short film award and the Grand Prix for the Best Foreign short film (ex-aequo with Company of Mushrooms by Tan Chui Mui). 
Clément Cogitore wins the Grand Prix for the Best French short film, for his first short film, 

The Grand Prix for the Best Documentary short film is given ex-aequo to Julien Samani (Sur la piste) and Vincent Meessen (N12°13.062'/ W001°32.619' Extended). Laurent Achard, selected for the fourth time, wins the Audience Best Feature film award for his second feature film, Le Dernier des fous.

Many international filmmakers were also selected this year at Entrevues: Yorgos Lanthimos (Kinetta), Kelly Reichardt (Old Joy), Raya Martin (A Short Film About The Indio Nacional) or also Patric Chiha (Home).

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