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Mehran Tamadon

France / Switzerland

An atheist, Iranian filmmaker Mehran Tamadon managed to convince four mullahs, all believers in the Islamic Republic of Iran, to come and stay with him for two days and engage in discussion. In this confined space, daily life is combined with debate, an unremitting demonstration of the problematic issue of how to live together, when each side’s understanding of the world is so contrary?

I don’t see my films as weapons. I do not use images as means to promote my own thinking or to settle scores. I do not use it as an instrument of propaganda, but to create a context that should enable mutual understanding and make dialogue possible. A space that forces people who hate each other to see and listen to each other, so that one day they may be capable of mutual tolerance. In this sense, this documentary does not show society as it is. It contains a promise within itself. It is creating a situation that does not exist in Iran today.

(Mehran Tamadon, director's note)
Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah
Ali-Reza Karimnejad, Myriam René
Mehran Tamadon, Marie-Helène Dozo, Luc Forveille, Olivier Zuchuat
l'atelier documentaire, Box Productions

French Distributor: Zed – french release 12/03/2014

Berlin IFF, Forum
Best Film Cinéma du réel, Paris 2014

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