La Transversale

Character actors and actresses

In Hollywood, they are called ‘’character actors’’, but in French, there is no specific expression for the people embodying those iconic parts. From Thelma Ritter in Pickup on South Street (Samuel Fuller, 1953), Laura Betti in the Mario Bava films, Michael Lonsdale in Stolen Kisses (François Truffaut, 1968) to Warren Oates, Udo Kier, Michel Vuillermoz and Jean-Christophe Bouvet, the best actors and actresses used their talent and body to play those parts that constantly question the norms of society. La Transversale displays more than twenty films presented by exclusive guests, a carte blanche given to Bernard Eisenschitz to show silent films, and a John Cazale retrospective with screenings of the six films he starred in, from The Godfather to The Deer Hunter.


In collaboration with Mathieu Macheret.



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