An exceptional edition at Entrevues, starting with a tribute to the captivating italian actress Ornella Muti (15 films), a complete retrospective of the unclassifiable french director Jean-Pierre Gorin (Poto et Cabongo, 1978 ; Tout va bien, co-directed with Jean-Luc Godard - Dziga Vertov Group - 1972) and another complete retrospective of the scandalous american filmmaker and scriptwriter Paul Schrader (Blue Collar, 1978 ; Cat People, 1982 ; American Gigolo, 1980 ; and as a scriptwriter, Taxi Driver, 1976 ; Raging Bull, 1980, etc). 

The transversal program focuses this year in "glasses, windows and mirrors". From Cocteau to John Carpenter, from Welles to Bruce Lee, from Man Ray to Tarkovski. 

Among the winners of the international competition, Lucile Chaufour wins the Grand Prix for the Best French Feature film and the Gerard Frot-Coutaz award for Violent days - Dry. The Grand Prix for Best Documentary is given to Julien Samani for La Peau trouée. And Jem Cohen wins the Leo Scheer award for Chain

We also remember the following selected filmmakers: Miguel Gomes with his first feature film La Gueule que tu mérites ; Philippe Katerine with Peau de cochon ; David Gordon Green's third feature filmUndertow ; Casa Ulgade, the third short film of Patric Chiha ; and Laurent Achard with La Peur, petit chasseur.


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