In 2012, Entrevues curated a Transversale session around the theme of ‘L’argent (qui) domine le monde’ (‘The Money (that) dominates the world’), while the Cinema and History programme was dedicated to the crisis periods of capitalism.
Furthermore, three filmmakers were honoured and placed at the heart of the festival: Ernst Lubitsch (for the Premières épreuves programme), Jean-Pierre Mocky (through the tribute screenings Hommage), and Rob Zombie (with the Intégrale, a screening of his Complete works).

For its 27th edition, Entrevues collaborated with the magazine Artpress, which celebrated its 40th anniversary. Together, we organized a special programme entitled Artpress, 40 ans de regards (Artpress, 40 years of perspectives).

On the competition side, the selection included the film Ape, by Joel Potrykus, Everybody In Our Family, by Radu Jude (recipient of the Audience Award for a feature film), Neighboring Sounds[O Som ao redor], by Kleber Mendonça Filho, Ma Belle gosse, by Shalimar Preuss (recipient of the French film Award), Orléans, by Virgil Vernier, and Stalingrad Lovers, by Fleur Albert. 

The selected short films included O Dom das lagrimas, by João Nicolau, Vilaine fille mauvais garcon, by Justine Triet (recipient of the Short film Award and of the Audience Award for a short film), as well as La nuit remue, by Bijan Anquetil, amongst several others.

As for the work Leviathan, by Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel, it was awarded three distinctions: the Grand Prize, the Big Screen documentary award (Le Prix Documentaire sur grand écran), and the One + One Award (sponsored by Alex Beaupain). 


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