Retrospectives 2018

A certain genre

A Labarthe Fantasy

Genre films, experimental cinema, B movies... In cinema, the margins have always had a strong influence on the norm. "Un certain genre" pays homage to André S. Labarthe, a longtime friend of Janine Bazin and the Entrevues festival. A free-thinker, an inventor, a rare and flourishing mind, Labarthe created the essential documentary series Cinéastes de notre temps. The Labarthe Fantasy selection is composed of rare works, restored films, and some of his personal favourites such as The Idols by Marc'O (1968), but also with a recreation of Théma VAMPIRES, the program he hosted on Arte in 1993. A carte blanche has been given to the Granit, the national theater in Belfort, and its associated artist David Subal. (19 films + installation art at the Granit).


In collaboration with Jean-Marc Chapoulie.

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La Fabbrica

First Features by...

A reflection on the first artistic gesture: several directors who have left their mark on the recent history of cinema come back to their first ever feature film during a discussion with one of their collaborators (such as a scriptwriter, director of photography, set designer, actor...), shedding light on how to create a first film.

>>> Programme in progress, with Jean-Marie and Arnaud Larrieu, Marie-Claude Treilhou, Patricia Mazuy, Yolande Zauberman, Alain Guiraudie, Jacques Nolot...

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La Transversale

Character actors and actresses

In Hollywood, they are called ‘’character actors’’, but in French, there is no specific expression for the people embodying those iconic parts. From Thelma Ritter in Pickup on South Street (Samuel Fuller, 1953), Laura Betti in the Mario Bava films, Michael Lonsdale in Stolen Kisses (François Truffaut, 1968) to Warren Oates, Udo Kier, Michel Vuillermoz and Jean-Christophe Bouvet, the best actors and actresses used their talent and body to play those parts that constantly question the norms of society. La Transversale displays more than twenty films presented by exclusive guests, a carte blanche given to Bernard Eisenschitz to show silent films, and a John Cazale retrospective with screenings of the six films he starred in, from The Godfather to The Deer Hunter.


In collaboration with Mathieu Macheret.

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Cinema and History

Oppressions: the Afro-American struggle for civil rights in genre cinema

The ‘’Cinema and History” selection presents various outlooks on the seventh art. Selected for their aesthetic value and the important historical events they explore, the films in this category are presented by historians and critics.

The six films in the OPPRESSIONS selection examine the manner genre films seized the Afro-American struggle for civil rights in the United States, with a rare film by Ivan Dixon, The Spook Who Sat by the Door (1973, on a 35mm film from a private collection), Spike Lee’s second film, a musical titled School Daze (1988) and the recent Get Out by Jordan Peele (2017).

In collaboration with Adrienne Boutang and Mélanie Boissonneau.


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Put to the test

A subjective history of animated films

The selection “Put to the test” is developed around the cinema option program for senior highschool students in France. More than 400 students from the whole country attend this selection each year. With The Red Turtle (Michael Dudok de Wit, 2016) being in the 2019 program, the festival collaborated with Xavier Kawa-Topor to offer the public a concise and subjective history of animated films. Seven international directors (Bill Plympton, Michael Dudok de Wit, Michel Ocelot, Jan Svankmajer, Sébastien Laudenbach, Florence Miailhe and Anca Damian) picked each one film that is to them a milestone in the history of animation. A graphic journey through experimental cinema will be presented by the FILM collection from Centre Georges Pompidou, Flavien Berger and Céline Devaux will host a masterclass on music composition for animated films, and Joel Grare a live music screening dedicated to the "Animation Primitives" (7 + 7 screenings + cartes blanches).

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The Festival for kids

Entrevues Junior 2018

Entrevues Junior is a mini festival within the international film festival. This is the occasion for a younger audience to discover the diversity of themes and cinematographic genres presented in Belfort. Some screenings are followed by a complimentary afternoon snack.

For this edition, Entrevues Junior explores animated films such as the first version of The Snow Queen (Russia, 1957), and will dedicate a weekend to Renard, the famous fox character, with screenings of the classic puppet film by Ladislas Irene Starewitch, The Tale of the Fox (1937), and Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox.

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